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The Crunch-free Way to a Flat Belly! New on DVD!

Dear Friend,

Would you like to stop hiding yourself and start slipping into curvy little dresses ... zipping up your favorite skinny jeans with ease ... looking great and feeling confident in your swimsuit? Of course you would! And now there's a fast, easy, oh-so-doable way to make it happen — without exhausting yourself for hours in a gym.

In fact, with this new solution, you can target your deepest belly muscles, burn off fat, and sculpt a flat belly and slim waistline while barely moving a muscle!

This amazing new workout combines a foolproof system of easy-to-follow isometric holds and signature 1-inch movements that recent research suggests may be the very best way to get a sleek, slim, strong core. And it only takes 10 minutes of your spare time!Created by Sadie Lincoln, renowned wellness expert, 10 Minutes to Flat Abs banishes the concept of long, grueling exercise sessions. Instead, Sadie's innovative routines are designed to rev up your fat burn and firm up your musc…

This is why you can't lose weight

August 31, 2014This is why you can't lose the weightThe key to your health is something we're pretty sure you've never given much — okay, any — thought to: your adrenal glands. These two woefully underappreciated glands sit on top of your kidneys and control your entire body, from your digestive and cardiovascular systems to your energy levels and your weight.

And these glands have a few complaints.

Your out-of-control stress has your poor adrenal glands overworked and whacked out. And when that happens, your weight creeps up, you're tired all the time, your digestion's not happy, and you're opening yourself up for a whole host of serious health issues.

That's why you need the Total Health Turnaround.

This cutting-edge program is designed by a naturopathic MD and uses delicious foods, healing herbs, and special exercises to reverse your symptoms. There's no calorie counting, no medications, no unrealistic tips — just smart, simple, p…

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