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You—yes, YOU—could walk off 20 ... 30... even 50 pounds! (With a little help from Prevention) Try it FREE for 21 days!
Dear Friend,

Hi! My name is Michele Stanten. For 20 years, I was the fitness director at Prevention magazine. I've got some great news for you today!

Groundbreaking studies have proven that for dramatic, lasting weight loss, NOTHING is more effective than walking. (If you do it right.)

Walking can help you lose up to 50 pounds — or more!
(If you do it right.)

Walking can blast away decades of accumulated fat on your belly, butt, and thighs! (If you do it right.)

And walking can help you sleep better ... banish nagging aches and pains ... and supercharge your self-esteem.
(If you do it right.)
If you do it right.
A plan you'll stick with because it's fun and motivating.Walking is simple — you mastered it way back when you were a toddler! — but finding a fat-blasting walking plan isn't. Start off too fast, and you risk injury. Too slow, and you might not see the results you want. It can be hard to stay motivated. And without a goal, you can see your results plateau or even start to reverse!

Now here's the good news! I've created a plan that's been shown to be effective for real women just like you. A plan you'll stick with because it's fun and motivating. A plan you can try out free for 21 days!
Introducing Walk Your Butt Off! The fun, effective plan that's fat-blasting and long-lasting! Try it FREE for 21 days! CLICK HERE
The Fat-Busting Plan You've Been Waiting For!
If you've ever had trouble starting an exercise plan and sticking with it, then Walk Your Butt Off! is for you! It's designed to start where you are today and build gradually — you're always challenged ... always motivated ... and you stick with it because it's fun and it works!

Try it free for 3 weeks with no risk or obligation to buy. Start to put these tips to work for you, and watch decades of accumulated fat start to melt away:

How to use your arms to dramatically increase calorie burn when walking. Page 139

Trick your body into feeling full sooner and longer with the yummy treats on page 123.

For a firmer behind, learn the "secret squeeze" on page 191.

Never say diet! Why it's important to say "yes!" to the foods you crave the most. Page 214

How to fit your walk into the craziest of days. Page 3
Kristen is at her lowest weight in about 25 years!
I created the Walk Your Butt Off! plan with some of my friends from Prevention — and even we are amazed by the results we've seen from the panel that put it to the test.
Kristen Tomasic has lost 60 pounds since starting the program. Read her full story on page 18. Arlene Scott lost 19.8 pounds and 14 inches in 12 weeks. Page 40 Former “couch potato” Gayle Hendricks completed a 50-kilometer walk! (That's farther than a marathon!) Page 131
How did they do it? With the exclusive 12-week Walk Your Butt Off! program, you walk 5 days a week for 30 minutes or less each day. You start slow and build the intensity gradually — before you know it, you're walking faster and farther than you ever thought possible. Add our secret tips and techniques, and your body becomes a fat-burning machine! It's fun and easy, and you stay on track because every week — every walk! — is a whole new experience.

Add the best eating advice around, as well as surprising (sneaky!) strategies to meet and beat your biggest food challenges, and fat will start to disappear from your problem areas — and it stays off, because nothing is more effective at getting results that last a lifetime.

Try it FREE for 21 DAYS — then send us your success story! We'll even send you 3 FREE GIFTS just for taking a RISK-FREE look! Click here for much more information.

All the best,
Michele Stanten

P.S. I'll also send you 3 free gifts as a special thank you for trying out Walk Your Butt Off! They are yours for keeps even if you decide not to keep the book. Claim yours today!

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Kristen is at her lowest weight in about 25 years!
Get your free gifts when you preview Walk Your Butt Off free for 21 days. You can return Walk Your Butt Off at the end of the preview if you decide not to purchase it.
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