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BRAND NEW for 2015 Organic Gardening Desk Calendar
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Imagine starting each day with the beauty of eye-catching color combinations, lush produce, and practical tips for every season.

Each page in the brand-new Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 holds the fresh promise of another exciting year in the garden, from March's delicate seedlings to springtime garden dreams and bountiful summertime harvests.

The Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 can help you:

Welcome crops like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants with warm soil.
Schedule and record planting, pruning, and harvest dates.
Savor the flavor of your fresh harvest with mouthwatering recipes.
Jot down notes and track your to-do lists in an easy-to-use format that lies flat to make note-taking easier.
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The Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 is loaded with secrets from the Organic Gardening experts:

Dozens of Expert Garden Tips! Month-by-month tips and reminders and companion planting secrets save you time and keep your garden on track each season.
Dozens of Expert Garden Tips! Month-by-month tips and reminders save you time by keeping you on track through every season.
Delicious recipes to easily prepare & enjoy all year long!
Discover easy companion planting combinations that use garden space efficiently.
Discourage garden pests with scented plants.
Make the most of mulch for maximum weed control.
Know when to water before it’s too late.
Be ready for an early frost that may threaten late-season crops.
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When the seasons keep you indoors, the Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 delivers plenty of garden wisdom and secret plant combinations plus tips and reminders that help boost production, beautify your outdoors, and adapt your gardening techniques for success.

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Preview Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 free for 21 days. You can return the Organic Gardening Desk Calendar 2015 at the end of the preview if you decide not to purchase it.

Happy gardening,
Karen Bolesta
Editor, Organic Gardening Books
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