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Team discovers how microbes build a powerful antibiotic

Posted: 26 Oct 2014 04:54 PM PDT

Researchers have made a breakthrough in understanding how a powerful antibiotic agent is made in nature. Their discovery solves a decades-old mystery, and opens up new avenues of research into thousands of similar molecules, many of which are likely to be medically useful.

Astronomers image the exploding fireball stage of a nova

Posted: 26 Oct 2014 04:50 PM PDT

Astronomers have observed the expanding thermonuclear fireball from a nova that erupted last year in the constellation Delphinus with unprecedented clarity.

Dietary cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline in mice

Posted: 26 Oct 2014 04:50 PM PDT

Dietary cocoa flavanols —- naturally occurring bioactives found in cocoa —- reversed age-related memory decline in healthy older adults, according to a new study. Flavanols are also found naturally in tea leaves and in certain fruits and vegetables.