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You are about to discover the secret that just may be the EASIEST way in the world to lose extra pounds—especially belly fat.

Because even if you do NOTHING to alter your eating habits, and even if you have virtually NO time to spare for crazy exercise programs…

Order Walk Off Weight Today! Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose is the secret that allows you to burn 3 TIMES MORE FAT than “regular” walking programs—and IN HALF THE TIME!

The secret is the new Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose program from the editors of Prevention magazine.

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Have the metabolism of a skinny person with Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose!
Researchers discovered that once you start this program, you continue to burn fat at an accelerated pace—even if you are sitting on the couch with your feet up, watching TV.

The discovery of this metabolism breakthrough is based on a simple principle: By combining short bursts of focused exercise with short bursts of relaxed exercise, you can burn an astonishing NINE TIMES MORE FAT per minute of exercise.

And the short bursts are really short—15 to 30 seconds is all it takes to unleash the fat-burning power of interval walking!
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And here’s another secret you might love as much as I do:

Walk Off Weight is super-effective at zeroing in on belly fat.

When researchers at the University of Virginia ran their own tests, they found that compared to regular aerobic exercise sessions, the methods used in Walk Off Weight helped women LOSE 5 TIMES MORE BELLY FAT. Order Walk Off Weight Today!
If you’re already walking, Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose will show you how to walk smarter, not harder. You’ll get better results from every step you take and lose fat like never before!

If you’ve never walked, Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose will help you discover the amazing health benefits of walking—including increased energy…improved heart health…strengthened immunity…reduced joint pain…a sharper mind… and a better night’s sleep!
Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose
Discover the secret of “audio-matic” weight loss!

Research shows that women who walked and listened to music LOST TWICE AS MUCH WEIGHT as a group without music.

With Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose, you use the magic of music to melt away fat ... combined with step-by-step instructions from one of America’s top trainers, Michele Stanten. She’s the author of Walk Off Weight.
Walking feels effortless...and the results are AMAZING!
It’s like walking with your personal trainer, who is 100% focused on YOU! The mission: to guide you, inspire you, and show you the perfect technique to get maximum weight loss results.

You dont have to remember anything or carry notes. Women reported that Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose made it easy to burn more calories — without really trying!

SO EASY! Your MP3 player is ready to go as soon as you receive it. Just put in the earphones, turn on the MP3 player, and listen to the workouts as you walk!

SO VERSATILE! You can also load your MP3 player to listen to your own music, digital audiobooks, or words of inspiration while you walk.

SO CUTE! We love the color and the small size— perfect for your walks! You get everything you need— the MP3 player, the earphones, and a USB cable.
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I’ve never seen a fat-burning program that’s easier or more effective than this! That’s why I love it. And why I’m so happy to share this secret with you.
Order Walk Off Weight, Listen & Lose today!

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Kelly Jennings
Prevention Books

Order Walk Off Weight Today!
Order Walk Off Weight Today!
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