Doctor-Approved NaturalMenopause Solutions
Lose weight 6X faster plus cool hot flashes, banish belly fat, and defy aging skin without drugs or unwanted side effects.
Discover how you can lose up to 5 lbs in 5 days! An influx of new evidence reveals a breakthrough in weight loss science:

When perimenopausal and menopausal women ate a diet that combined four nutrients, they lost as many as 5 pounds in 5 days — without feelings of deprivation.

The four nutrients are calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and lean protein. Health experts call these four nutrients the “Flash-Fighting Four” because, when eaten in combination, the benefits extend beyond rapid weight loss.

The “Flash-Fighting Four” nutrients have been shown to cool hot flashes, trim belly fat, boost metabolism, protect bones, shield against heart disease, prevent diabetes, and even make aging skin look younger.

This is just one of the findings in The Natural Menopause Solution, a groundbreaking book filled with today’s newest natural methods to transform your life!

“Dramatic new, scientific discoveries reveal the power of nutrition, vitamins, herbs, and other remedies as natural menopause solutions,” says Dr. Melinda Ring, medical advisor for The Natural Menopause Solution.

These safe, natural therapies often beat drug therapies. In fact, doctors are now “prescribing” newly discovered natural methods to menopausal women to treat both the serious and minor ailments associated with menopause.

For example, new research shows there are three delicious foods that switch off stress to calm anxious feelings, melt away belly fat, and cool hot flashes. These foods work just as well as antidepressants — without side effects.

To learn more about the new, natural, doctor-approved methods for menopausal women that help you look better, feel younger, and even lose weight 6X faster, take a look at The Natural Menopause Solution. CLICK HERE.
Melinda R. Ring, MD
Prevent, Reverse, Even Cure Unwanted Symptoms of Menopause — without Drugs.

The Natural Menopause Solution is unlike anything you have ever seen before. You’ll discover amazing, doctor-approved menopause solutions like how to:

Banish hot flashes — by eating these cookies!

Sleep soundly — with a natural supplement!

Keep your bones strong — a 2-pound secret that works!

Look years younger — 5 foods for fewer wrinkles!

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What doctors recommend to banish menopausal weight gain, hot flashes, aging skin, insomnia, and more.
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