Is Diabetes sneaking up on you?
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You’ll discover which foods FIGHT diabetes and which foods INVITE diabetes. And you’ll be surprised, because it’s not simply a matter of avoiding sugar. Thanks to extensive research, there is a whole new set of rules for controlling and beating the high blood sugar trap.

You’ll discover:

How to “lick” diabetes with ice cream!

Why cinnamon is an amazing diabetes fighter!

How to snack your way to freedom from diabetes!

How to cook diabetes out of your dinner!

The “super fiber” that improves insulin sensitivity by 50%

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How to cut blood sugar with vinegar! (As much as with a drug!)

The one steak that helps you lose weight!

And much, much more!
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Dear Friend,

Make no mistake … it’s sneaking up on MILLIONS, people whose blood sugar is a little too high … who weigh a little too much … who don’t exercise quite enough …

Or perhaps you’ve already been diagnosed with diabetes? Either way, you will rejoice to discover a whole new preventive and treatment plan that will keep you healthier, slimmer, and more energetic than ever before … and it’s revealed in the extraordinary new book BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY!

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Written by two physicians — one an acclaimed expert in natural medicine, the other an M.D. specializing in diabetes — this plan will show you how to control your blood sugar with food, vitamins, minerals, herbs, even mental attitude!

Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!
Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!

With BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY, you will discover how to stop the dangerous effects of this disease — and also lose unhealthy belly fat — effortlessly. This amazing new program helps you lose 7 times more belly fat than other low-fat diets!

Now you can try this amazing breakthrough plan — free for 21 days! BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY is being offered to you by a trusted source: Rodale, the publisher of Prevention and Men’s Health, the world’s leading health magazines.

Filled with slenderizing foods, herbs, and fitness plans, BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY will help you:

Lose unhealthy belly fat!
Control your blood sugar!
Shed extra pounds easily!
Gain energy and enthusiasm!
Live a longer, healthier life!

Say goodbye to diabetes worries … and hello to a slimmer, healthier you! Try it free for 21 days! You can examine BEAT DIABETES NATURALLY— read it cover to cover — without any obligation to buy for a full 21 days. If it doesn’t meet and exceed your expectations, simply return it and owe nothing. Plus, get your FREE GIFT! Click here!

Yours for better health always,
Kelly Jennings

Rodale Books

Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!
Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!

Get your free gift when you preview Beat Diabetes Naturally free for 21 days. You can return Beat Diabetes Naturally at the end of the preview if you decide not to purchase it.

Order Beat Diabetes Naturally today!
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